Wind Monitoring at Fishpools Farm

Visit our New  Weather Station at Frankton designed to evaluate the wind power available. Wind monitoring is an essential precursor to siting a wind turbine to see whether a site is viable.

Table showing the projected output of various wind turbines using the actual wind data being collected at Fishpools Farm, Frankton

Here are a few pictures taken at the mast raising on Feb 25th the day before the station went live.

The EcoU team ready to spring into action and raise the mast

The long walk back - mast in fully upright position.

View up the mast showing anemometer on top. The mast was constructed from a collection of old recycled boat masts and rigging - in fact nearly everything used was recycled even the little house for the electronics was made from reused wood from Oxfam.

The EcoU team happy after another day of hands-on advancement of the cause of renewable energy

The weather stationís wireless link to the network.

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