This page shows tables of the accumulated hours of wind measured at different velocities at the weather station at Fishpools Farm, Frankton and is updated on the web server every hour.

In general wind turbines start producing some electricity at 4m/s (9mph) and their output increases in an almost linear fashion until the peak output is reached at 13m/s (29mph). Beyond that speed the generator continues to produce its maximum rated output up to about 25m/s (60mph).

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The ultimate aim of this page is to show realtime and historical data for different wind turbines to show energy outputs in KWh, and to relate that to the installed and maintained cost of hosting such a machine - figures for return on investment and time to recoup the amount of carbon embodied in the project as a whole.

Spreadsheet showing accumulated wind data from Fishpools Farm and projected output from some popular Wind Energy Converters - WECS - Updated Daily

Later it is hoped to develop a proper web site with a  login and database driven outputs


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